Bolahun Mission School At The Verge Of Collapse

General learning and Infrastructure conditions are said to be gradually deteriorating at one of Liberia’s prewar best rural high schools in Bolahun, Lofa County.

Our reporter who recently visited the area observed that the school is fast declining both in infrastructures and instructional materials as well as administration.

According to our reporter, students’ enrollment has dropped far below the expected enrollment of at least 500 students per academic year as far as rural education is concerned.

Our reporter also observed that, only about 150 students are currently enrolled in the School, a number some residents of the town described as incomparable to the school prewar enrollment despite central government’s budgetary support.

In addition to the worsening physical condition and decreased in students’ enrollment, our reporter noticed that there is lack of qualified chemistry and biology teachers.

Our reporter observed that the school is currently being run by an aging principal who the students said, has no idea of contemporary secondary education activities; something our reporter believed is undermining effective and inefficient administrative function of the school.

Currently, our reporter said there is insufficient sitting capacity for students, and that in some instances students are compelled to provide their own chairs.

Expressing frustration over the bad state of the school, some concerned citizens of the town told our reporter that the situation is causing serious learning problem for their children and other surrounding villages.

The residents said based on the appalling condition of the school, students from the town and the surrounding villages are becoming disinterested in the school system day by day, a condition our reporter noticed is responsible for the rapid decline in students’ enrollment.

The Bolahun Holy Cross Mission School was established by some white Episcopal Missionaries. Since its establishment, the school has made significant contribution to the nation’s education system by producing some of the country’s best brains.

Those believed to have attended/graduated from the school include, the late Vice President, Harris FumbaMoniba, the late Dr. Stephen Yekeson, Dr. Fatorma K. Bolay, Elizabeth Mulbah of the Governance Commission, former Auditor General of Liberia, John Morlu and Benedict Kolie, MD. Others are, Dr. Henry Salifu, Dr. Henrique Tokpah(President of Cuttington University), Dr. Fredrick Gbegbe (former President of the University of Liberia).

Meanwhile, our reporter say residents and students are calling on officials and members of the Alumni Association, the Episcopal Church and the government of Liberia to come to the rescue of the once renowned high school.

It can be recalled that in February of this year, President Sirleaf enroot to Vahun made a stopover in Bolahun and dedicated a multipurpose academic building. But what actual benefit the multipurpose academic building is expected bring to a declining school is the major concern for observers including residents of the town.