Spiritan Academy Gives Award To Deserving Students…As Spiritan Principal Baker Emphasizes Excellence In Character, Academic Performance

Spiritan Academy Gives Award To Deserving Students…As Spiritan Principal Baker Emphasizes Excellence In Character, Academic Performance

By Edwin G. Wandah

The principal of the Spiritan Academy on the campus of the Stella Maris Polytechnic, Madam Marjanne Baker, has per the school’s tradition honored several students of the institution and would also honor teachers of the school on the 27th of this month, May, for their best and outstanding performances.

According to Madam Baker, these students performed beyond expectation and it was the institution’s own way of showing appreciation to them for standing tall in their various classes.

Madam Baker said the Spiritan Academy was established over five years ago as a Catholic demonstration school and today caters to about 240 students from Grades 1 to 8.

She stated further that the school has a rich curriculum that includes major subjects along with French and 2 Liberian languages (Bassa and Kpelle), Creative Writing, Library Studies, Religious and Health Education, with a Media Laboratory Hour, where students dramatize Live on TEACH FM.

Madam Majanne Baker said the program is also part of Stella Maris Polytechnic skills taught in the classroom, with the student and teacher ratio being at 30:1, along with 3 administrators – a principal and 2 Vice principals.

“This year, we established an After School Extracurricular Program to enhance the learning environment which has improved the school in striving for excellence; even though, we believe the road ahead is filled with challenges, but with a true passion for inspiring students’ commitment and hard work, we believe the best is within reach,” Madam Majanne stated.

According to her, several planned programs are in package for students and Administration as well. “We have plans of including a transportation service for students, teachers and staff, along with establishing a 21st century computer lab; presently, we have a modern fully equipped library that engages students daily with “Library Hour” and hosts a variety of learning extension programs during the school day such as; Award Giving, Career Fairs, Movie Afternoon and Science Exhibitions,” Madam Baker stated.

According to her the school believes in Academic Excellence, that every child is a genius when they are placed in an environment that nurtures, emboldens and extols their inherent talents.

She said through the medium, they have integrated a cornucopia of educational and fun programs such as field trips to historic sights, charity outreach to village schools, health visits by JFK dental department, teacher training workshops, Sports Day, Marathons, Parent/Teacher Conferences and school wide dinners to name a few.

Madam Majanne Baker has however disclosed plans for a Yearbook of 2014 during its PTA meetings that will capture the Spiritan story of the past and present as well as invite parents and well-wishers to stay tuned.