Girl with Swollen Feet Needs Help

By Antoinette Sendolo

A 14-year old girl, Mercy Chea who has been suffering from an unknown heart disease for a little over five months has now developed bilateral feet swollen, a condition that keeps her in bed all day long.

Mercy, who looks frail and skinny has been living in agony which she described as unbearable since December 2013, and has been taken to local clinics and hospitals in Monrovia but her condition is deteriorating by the day.

Little Mercy said that she spends her days indoor because she feels weak and does not even sleep because whenever she tries to lie down she gasps for breath, a situation which she is dreaded with.

According to Mercy, she experiences a fast heart beat and at night the pains in her heart become unbearable for her something she said is creating serious problem for her.

Mercy, whose both parents are dead currently lives with her grandparents who can barely meet the daily needs of her but rather depend on neighbours and other friends to sustain their family.

‘’I’m a 5th grade student at the United Christian Mission but I am not in school now because of my poor health. I feel so bad whenever I see my peers going to school because I no longer feel a part of them due to the decline in my health and my friends do not even come around me anymore, ’’Mercy lamented.

According to her grand-mother, she has tried to help little Mercy seek treatment but her situation is said to be complicated and as such, she needs to be taken out of the country for advanced medical check-up.

The clinical impression from MAWAH Clinical shows that little Mercy Chea is suffering from Mitral Regurgitation (Rheumatic) which is a disorder of the heart in which the mitral valve does not close properly when the heart pumps out blood.

Medical report from the MAWAH Medical Clinic recommends that Mercy be taken abroad for the following: Cardiologist consultation and cardio-thoracic surgeon, Echo-cardiograph and planning for open heart surgery for valve replacement due to the complication and the lack of required facilities in the country.

Meanwhile, the family of Mercy is calling on Government agencies, Non-Governmental agencies, NGOs, INGOs, humanitarian organizations, and other individuals to help their grand-daughter get medical attention adding that Mercy is the only person left with, after the death of her parents.

The family of Mercy Chea can be contacted on cell phone numbers: 0886995360/0777565099 or contact Mr. Philip N. Wesseh on 0886516533.