Citizens Blamed For Corruption in Police

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

A presidential nominee at the Liberia National Police (LNP) has told reporters that citizens are to be blamed for corruption among officers at the LNP.

Col. William K. Mulbah, Deputy Director for Administration designate at the LNP explained to legislative reporters at the Capitol Building yesterday minutes after his confirmation hearing that citizens should desist from paying money to LNP officers for services they have already obliged to do.

Responding to question as to why police officers are requesting for payment when a citizen takes a complaint for redress, Col. Mulbah clarified that no officer is allowed to request a dime from any citizen(s) because the service rendered to the state is being paid for by central government.

Similarly, Col. Mulbah frowned on citizens who are continuously giving money to police officers to either prepare charge sheets or transportation to locate a perpetrator or offender.

Mulbah who served as Chief of Personnel three different times at the LNP disclosed that every month, the LNP supplies stationery to all police depots in the country, so no officer should request payment from citizens to buy sheets and no citizen should pay a dime to officers for service.

“The citizens are the one making the police corrupt. We distribute stationery every month to all depots in the country. Police job is a sacrificial work but government has done everything possible to ensure that each officer gets his or her pay regularly,” Col. Mulbah said.

Col. Mulbah who joined the LNP since 1989 promised that if confirmed by the Liberian Senate, he will ensure that the welfare of officers and the improvement of the LNP images be paramount on his agenda. The issue of assets and relationship with the community are also major endeavors the police chief would be looking at when confirmed.

With his 24 years experience in the LNP, Col. Mulbah pointed out some of the weaknesses of the LNP which has to do with deployment of officers in all counties and later revealed that last month, the LNP dispatched about 100 officers in most of the affected counties.

He vowed to the Senate Committee on National Security that his office will seriously consider attendance of officers at the job site and accountability will not be compromised. “Weakness is not meekness; I am going to bring sound financial management practice to the LNP and those officers who will abandon their job and think you get salary at the end of the month will be joking. As an officer, if you damage any vehicle assigned to you or absent from job, we will deduct money from your salary, “he maintained.