Sand Mining Fear Grips Twe Farm Residents

BY Jefferson D.Tweh

Grass Field Sand Mining Company, a company that is reportedly mining sand in the Stockton Greek in Tweh Farm, and St. Paul Bridge is said to be causing serious erosion in those communities.

The Manager of Grass Field Sand Mining Company, Mr. G. Wellington Toquee disclosed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy gave the company a permit to mine sand in Tweh Farm, Mombo Town, and St. Paul Bridge Community.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Toquee disclosed that the company has signed social agreements with Mombo Town and the St. Paul Bridge Communities at which time the company agreed to pay US$500,000 to each community monthly and employ at least five persons.

He also added that his company is yet to sign any agreement with Tweh Farm community on the issue of social agreement as was done with the two other communities.

Some community members who spoke to this paper said Grass Field Sand Mining Company is undermining their houses ad libitum due to the sand mining in their various communities.

According to the community members, the Government of Liberia has instructed the Grass Field Sand Mining Company to mine the sand in the St. Paul River but has vehemently refused to go in the river to carry on operation.

The community members narrated that since Grass Field Sand Mining Company started its operation in their community, there has been serious erosion problem something that is threatening the security of their houses. They complained that some of their houses will soon fall apart due to the undermining saying that if government does not put stop to the sand mining in their community it will cause serious disaster to the community.

Meanwhile, some community members have accused the EPA and Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry for compromising their interests and allowing the company to carry on sand mining in their community that is rapidly creating erosion.

Our reporter who visited the Tweh Farm Community said the Grass Field Sand Mining Company is undermining many houses and also digging sand under the Caldwell Bridge, adding that if nothing concrete is done to curb the ugly situation it will have a precarious effect on those dwelling in the community.

Our reporter further said Martha Elbow, an entertainment center in the community, is also being affected as a result of the company’s operation in the area. Investigation continues.