Public Works Minister Defies Civil Service…Refuges To Reinstate Dismissed Official

Controversial Public Works Minister, Dr. Antoinette Weeks, has reportedly refused to reinstate Mr. Vincent B. Smith who was dismissed by the Minister.

Few months ago Minister Weeks terminated the position of Mr. Smith as Director of Human Resources & Training for the Ministry of Public Works. Smith’s dismissal according to the Ministry was in keeping with the Civil Service Human Resources Policy Manual (March 2013), Section 59.

But in a ruling, the Civil Service Agency (CSA), requested the Public Works Ministry to reinstate Mr. Smith. The communication of reinstatement stated,  “We wish to inform you that the case: Mr. Vincent B. Smith versus the Ministry of Public Works for wrongful dismissal, was heard and investigated by the Examining Committee of the Civil Service Board of Appeal, on Tuesday, March 4, 2b14”.

The CSA letter stated further, “The unanimous decision of the Examining Committee of the Civil Service Board of Appeal is that Mr. Vincent B. Smith was wrongfully dismissed. This decision is based on the fact that Mr. Smith was not accorded the opportunity to exculpate himself through an internal investigation in keeping with Section4.2.1 of the Civil Service Standing Orders, prior to his dismissal”.

Against this background CSA noted, “We advise that Mr. Smith be reinstated to the position which he was transferred, that is as Director of Warehouse.”

When spoken to, Smith said since the communication was given to the Minister of Public Works, the Minister has vehemently refused to reinstate him despite all efforts.

When contacted, Public Works Minister, Weeks blasted the writer of this story for obtaining communication from the CSA relative to the case. She said it was unethical and unprofessional for journalists to obtain documents from the CSA on issues relating to her ministry.

She earlier referred our reporter to the Deputy Minister for Administration but effort to contact him also proved futile as his phone rang endlessly.