“Squatters were warned”…PCC Responds To Delta Booth Demolition

By Garmonyou Wilson

In a bid to rid Paynesville City of teenage prostitutes and drug addicts, coupled with various criminal activities, the Paynesville City Corporation has carried out a massive demolition exercise in the Delta Booth community. The PCC authorities explained that countless warnings were given to residents who were believed to have been occupying the municipality illegally and failed to heed the warnings.

The demolition exercise left many business people out of business as their shops contained many assorted goods still in them.  Many residents were visibly seen weeping and cried foul as thousands of dollars worth of goods were left in the rubbles.

The Public Relations Director for PCC, Jani Jallah, told this paper that the squatters were warned six months before the demolition was executed.

Miss Jallah said that those who did not have legitimate deeds were told that they were to leave the area as they had built on alleys and government reserves.

She explained that the city is in full swing with its beautification efforts and would periodically demolish any structure that is illegally built in any part of the city.

The PCC Director stated further that only a motel was left standing on the premise because it was not on an alley.

She concluded that the once notorious area was cleared to make room for a city project which all residents in Paynesville could love and cherish.

In a related development the Public Relations Director for the Paynesville City Corporation, Jani Jallah said that marketers selling at the ELWA Junction in Paynesville have been given an alternative to sell at the Sand Town location.

She said the PCC City Police along with the Liberian Police have formed an enforcement team in trying to regulate marketers at the Junction.

Miss Jallah said that this is in keeping with the ongoing beatification project that the PCC is undertaking.

She explained further that the junction is a highway intersection and as such, once the beautification process is completed, it would have a layout with a water fountain.