Woman, 57 In Alleged Kidnap

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

An elderly woman believed to be in her late 50s was allegedly involved in collecting two kids from the home of their parents for the purpose of initiating them into a Sandi society in Bomi County.

According to information gathered, the woman only identified as Ma Bendu had always visited the home of her in-laws in the Du-Port Road Community but this time in their absence, she took their two daughters ages 5 and 10 away with her.

The woman bluntly told the housekeeper that she was taking her grandchildren to Bomi County to undergo traditional rites in the Sandi society.  The housekeeper said she refused on grounds that the owners of the home were not present and the fact that the children were still in school, but the elderly woman allegedly insisted and drove away with the children.

The information is that the nurse could not put up continuous resistance since Ma Bendu is actually a relative of the children.  Accordingly, the nurse’s fear only arose when the elderly women stated that the mother of the children had always avoided the issue of the tradition and having her children initiated was in line with their culture and practice.

“Thank God she is in America; before she returns, my plans will be accomplished,” the elderly woman is quoted by a neighbor who prefers anonymity.  Immediately upon hearing these words, our source said the nurse secretly informed the father of the home, who was at work about the incident.

Her information was however a little late because before the information got through to the father that his two daughters have been taken away for the purpose of initiation into the Sandi society by his in-law, Ma Bendu was nowhere to be found.

As though he had a prior hint about the situation, he immediately sought the intervention of few police officers and all of them drove to Tubmanburg, Bomi County.  The woman was subsequently entrapped on the Bomi Highway and the two children turned over to their father.

Our source said it was believed that the woman would have been detained but there were quick interventions made by other close family members and in lieu of their tradition and culture, it was said that she has been released and the situation apparently compromised.