Paynesville Mayor, Police, Motorcyclists Dialogue

By Garmonyou Wilson

The City of Paynesville is soon expected to create a Paynesville Motorcycle Association (PMC) to help address many of the concerns that motorcyclists encounter there.

The Mayor of Paynesville, Cyvette Gibson says that many commercial motorcyclists have complained to her office of the way they are treated by police officers in the municipality and after several meetings the creation of the PMC would be created to help address their problems.

The Paynesville Mayor during a one day interactive meeting with commercial motorcyclists at the Paynesville City Hall said that the city is interested in ensuring that all its residents be treated fairly and that their concerns be addressed appropriately.

Mayor Gibson said that there are many things that the Paynesville City Corporation wants to do for motorcyclists, and she then urged the motorcyclists that this has to be done in a systematic way.

Mayor Gibson continued that there are many things the City wants to do for motorcyclists but the City Hall, the police and the motorcyclists have to work together for the betterment of the municipality.

Motorcyclist from various parts of Paynesville gathered at the Paynesville Town Hall recently to dialogue with city officials on several issues that they say have been hindering their free mobility.

Many of the motorcyclists that spoke to this paper asked similar questions from being arrested by plain clothes police officers, and why they are to stop from crossing streets that are outlined in the ‘No-go Zone’.

The motorcyclist told the Paynesville Mayor several issues that were bothering them and hoped that the Mayor would help them have relief.

For his part, the General Police Commander for Zone 9, Tarnue Kerkula, said that the problem with the police and the motorcyclists is that some of the motorcyclists are not mature.

The Zone 9 Commander also urged the motorcyclists to organize themselves so that they could be able to speak with one voice.

He then stated that whenever the motorcyclists are not satisfied with an action made by the police, they have the option of going to traffic court.

He told them further that if police were to go by the books when dealing with motorcyclists most of them would not be riding, because most motorcyclists are under-aged, not properly dressed or flouting the law one way or the other.

For several months now the Government of Liberia has put stringent restrictions on motorcyclists to reduce the high number of accidents caused by them.