Liberians Mourn April 22nd… As Tolbert Family Commemorate Day, Call For National Healing, Reconciliation

Several Liberians in the country, including families of slain Liberian President William Richard Tolbert are calling on Liberians in and out of Liberia to hold together in embracing unity, peace and togetherness.

According to several persons who spoke to this Paper yesterday, Tuesday, April 22,  2014, said they vividly witnessed the massacre that was committed by the then Samuel K. Doe leadership.

“Those men were killed in broad daylight by the late Liberian leader, Samuel K. Doe; those were our leaders whose lives were disgracefully terminated by people who were greedy for power; people who had no conscience, people who never had the fear of God in their hearts for humanity,” an elderly man stated.

“My heart is full of sorrow and grief, today; I remembered when President William R. Tolbert was killed. Yes, President Tolbert was a man the people loved. He was a man who introduced several good policies for the country; at times when the country had no direction and focus, at the common people were not known; this man was also a man of God and opened to the common people,” Miatta Davies stated.

Meanwhile, the Tolbert family who gathered yesterday to pay their respect and solidarity to the loss of their love once believed that in the midst of their weeping and pain, in the midst of their sorrow and tears, in the midst of their bitterness of hearts, they owned it all to the Almighty God.

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever,” that was how Hon. Richard Tolbert, in sober reflection, stated. “We have all gathered here today, along with all other families of those that were murdered along with our fathers, to thank God for keeping us together,” Hon. Tolbert intimated.

According to him, they have all gathered in peace to commemorate a loving and peaceful day, where all Liberians will join efforts in fostering unity and call for peace and not war or those vices that will have the propensity of fueling war and destruction in the country.

Meanwhile, several Liberians, mainly of the 70’s and at least 80’s, who perhaps witnessed the killing of these men are said to be soberly reflecting on the day at their places of work or businesses.

Those killed on that day were Hon. Clarence Parker, July 6, 1933, Hon. James T. Philips JR., December 3rd 1927, Hon. James A. A. Pierre, July 18, 1908, Hon. John W. F. Sherman, October 6th 1942, Hon. Frank J. Stewart Sr., February 3rd, 1910, Hon. E. Reginald Townsend July 23rd 1917, Hon. Cyril Bright April 25th 1929, Hon. Joseph J. F. Chesson Sr., April 20, 1919 and former Liberian President William Richard Tolbert Jr. who was born May 13th 1913, all of whom were killed on April 22nd 1980.