G/Kru Aspirant Gives Green Light—Donates Computers To District Youths

By Jefferson D.Tweh

A humanitarian and much talked about Senatorial Aspirant in Grand Kru County in the Mid-Term Special Senatorial Election 2014, Prof. Albert Tugbeh Chie has demonstrated his commitment and donated five laptop Toshiba computers, Printers, Generator and other Information Technology (IT) accessories to Forpoh District youths in Grand Kru County, to enable them get capacity training and contribute immensely to national growth and development.

Prof. Chie made the donation recently when he visited Grand Kru County. He disclosed that building the capacity of young people is very essential because it will enable them to be prepared for the job market and reduce poverty and be valuable assets in the society.

“Please, do not divide these computers that I am giving you today because I will actually send someone to come and teach you in Parluken so that you can be well equipped for the job market because there are many companies operating in our county and if you are computer literate, you will surely get an employment with those companies; just learn it to the best of your knowledge,” Prof. Chie cautioned the youths.

Meanwhile, Prof. Chie has urged the young people of Forpoh District to remain united and make use of the opportunity given them.

He has also given four laptop computers to Grandcess youths and donated one laptop computer to Sasstown High School.

The President of Parluken Youths, Madam Benita Blamoh, has lauded Prof. Chie for his great contribution made to the various youth groups in Grand Kru County.

Madam Blamoh said since Forpoh was founded nobody has ever given computers to the young people in the District, with the exception of Prof. Chie who has given green light to the young people in the District and she believes that those computers will be used to build the capacity of young inhabitants in the district and will make a significant impact on them.

According to Madam Blamoh, those computers will be used for the intended purpose in the district and urged Prof. Chie to continue with his good gesture in the county.

Besides that, Prof. Chie is constructing a modern high school in Wedabo, estimated at US$325,000.00 and building a modern junior high school in Zoloken, estimated at US$300,000.00. He has also given L$400,000.00 to the 12 communities in Grand Kru County as educational funds from his own resources.

Prof. Chie has finally completed the payment of Sasstown High School 12 graders West African Examination Council (WAEC) fees in the county, and he promised to build a modern clinic in Wropluken Forpoh District, estimated at US$80,000.00 and the project will soon commence.

Furthermore, Prof. Chie has vowed to construct a modern school building in Parluken, Forpoh District to enable those students learn in a conducive environment.

Citizens of Grand Kru have described Prof Chie as the highest contributor to Grand Kru University students at the University of Liberia (UL) and that he also extends his helping hands to Grand Kru students attending African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), United Methodist University (UMU), African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) and Tubman University (TU) and other learning Institutions in the country.

Meanwhile, the Grand Kru senatorial aspirant has initiated many projects in the county and promised to give L$400,000.00 to the 12 communities every year in Grand Kru as an act of contributing to educational process in the county.