Cyril Allen Blast Lawmakers…Says They Are Greedy, Corrupt And Bad Apples

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The former Chairperson of the defunct National Patriotic Party of Liberia, (NPP), Cyril Allen, says the National Legislature should be held responsible for the poor performance of the Executive Branch of Government to implement its domestic policy.

Describing some of the current lawmakers as ‘bunch of greedy corrupt bad apples,’ Chief Allen said the 52nd National Legislature has not represented its people because there are presently two groups of legislators occupying that branch of government adding that it is not a proportional representation of the electorates.

He blasted how some legislators are popped-up-shoulder Monrovia based individuals who mean nothing and are a misrepresentation of their people while some mean well but it is not the individual to whom the name honorable is given instead it is the office therefore in order to be attached to that name they must live honorably.

He said being honorable does not mean joining a fight with a county superintendent for County Development Funds; taking one set of official HOR license plate and putting one at the front of an official vehicle while the other is on a taxi; passing selfish laws; and increasing their own salaries every year to the detriment of those who they represent.

The former Chairperson of the NPP said the lawmakers need someone like him who will tell them out-rightly that they have failed their people and should stop shifting blames on the Executive Branch when they are the ones holding the national budget hostage.

“How honorable are you if you just sit to receive money to confirm unqualified people and solicit bribes in the name of lobbying to rectify concessions that are detriment to the people?” Honorable people do not do that. Act honorably so that people can call you honorables,” he condemned.

He said how can they be respected by the President when they are given money for everything; they should read some of the concessions, the quality is poor and a violation of the concession law, “We will engage the Legislators and encourage them to be realistic.”

“We must be guarded by the constraints that govern human conduct. You cannot work four hours a day and two times a week and increase your salary before the national budget is passed. You must begin to reject incompetent people for confirmation. Liberians are entitled to work but be realistic,” he maintained.

He encouraged the good lawmakers not to sit and allow the few greedy bad apples around them to continue to siphon government’s resources.

Commenting on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s recent statement concerning her successor, Chief Allen said such pronouncement was miscalculated and a mere dream that the President would think of openly supporting any candidate because she would be casting a dark cloud on their victory.

He said her statement that she would make sure that there would be a free and fair election is unorthodox because she does not have the political cloud to determine who her successor would be averring, “hundred percent of zero is zero, she has served her term at her best and Liberia is back among the comity of nations and has sound international policy, which is to her credit but her domestic policy is a failure”.

“It is not the international community that determines a country’s domestic policy. The President must work with the challenges of the changing time because if she has done nothing in eight years, she can do nothing now. The days are gone and they will never come back, therefore the President should wake up and apologize,” he said.

Chief Allen expressed that the international community will support any candidate who is elected democratically because Liberia will not be plunged into any mischief wondering, “What are you going to tell the people you are fighting for?”

He said the government has been isolating Liberian professionals because of regimes or ethnic lines but President Sirleaf should allow professionals the opportunity to advise government especially on the line of concessions and importation of goods into the country.

Chief Allen said it’s about time Liberians have options for jobs instead of being politically stigmatized based on the past noting that people work for governments not regimes and observed that nowadays most of those who are appointed in government and or elected are inexperienced.

Speaking on recent threat made by some youths against Benoni Urey, Chief Allen said young Liberians must not accept to be used to abusing others by those who hide and refuse to respond to others constructively.

His comment was in line with how a youth group took the airwaves to rain insults on Mr. Urey and threatened to assemble outside the Lonestar Cell compound and his Careysburg farm residence to demand him to avail himself to the police for some incident they claimed occurred since 2007 even though according to them was resolved.

Chief Allen said, “Good for them that they did not go there because they would have met equal resistance who was going to have them whipped with rattans. I mean we will not encourage any Liberian to go on the streets; we are owners of properties and assets and will not put them on the streets because we cannot control them. We must concentrate and make life better for our people”.

Meanwhile, Chairman Allen said many people always say what have the NPP government done for its people and he recounted how the NPP was the party that established the National Oil Company, and the Central Bank of Liberia.

He said the Chinese Government was recognized under the leadership of Mr. Moses Blah and today the Chinese are assisting Liberia greatly in its reconstruction drive which is a credit to the NPP. He pointed to some major achievements of the NPP leadership as the construction of a 242-foot bridge built over the Cestos River, a 122-foot bridge linking River Cess to Sinoe as well as the bridge linking the rest of the country to Grand Bassa County, among others.