Crisis At Vai Town…Rep. Konneh Accused

By Edwin G. Wandah

Normal business activities at Vai Town yesterday came to standstill when several marketers went helter-skelter, with some of them fleeing for their dear lives because of a fracas that erupted there, and according to some of those who spoke to the INQUIRER via mobile phone, the situation at the market appeared volatile.

When this Paper visited the disrupted scene yesterday, several of the marketers said that the vulnerable situation was getting out of proportion as marketers allegedly accused Representative Vamouyan Konneh of instigating a fight against a family (Jenekai Coleman) for a building situated right after the Zuluduma Bridge in Vai Town.

The marketers also alleged that Representative Konneh yesterday physically chased one of the sons of the Janekai Coleman, Samuel Jenekai Coleman with a very long knife; attempting to wound him, but instead, stabbed the uncle.

Meanwhile, when this paper contacted Samuel Jenekai Coleman concerning what the marketers alleged, he said that there was a sinister motive to have him exterminated. “My life is at stake; this Representative has been threatening us (his family) for more than 20 years now for this property,” Samuel divulged.

According to Samuel, on yesterday a group of men armed with sticks and several other deadly weapons, barricaded the front of the “UNIVERSAL IMPORT AND EXPORT INC.”, a building owned by his parents. Samuel stated further that he did not speak to anyone, but according to by-standers, one of the men whispered that they were hired by Representative Vamouyan Konneh. They said that the man told them that Representative Konneh went to fence the entire Vai Town beginning immediately right after the Zuludoma Bridge.

Meanwhile, the marketers are calling on the Liberian Government of Liberia to quickly come to their rescue and save them from the hands of Representative Vamouyan Konneh. According to Miata Nyenpan, Mercy Godu and Comfort Doe, they won’t rest until justice is done, bringing the situation to a peaceful resolution.