What Happens To Female Patient At JFK?

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Reliable source has told the INQUIRER that a patient named Mariama Seasay, age 23, has gone missing from her sick bed at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital about two months ago.

An investigation conducted by this paper revealed that Mariama was taken to the hospital last year, June 2013 by her brother, one Michael Seasay who is a mechanic.

If this information is anything to go by, this strange act will be second of its kind to occur at the hospital. First it was an employee of the JFK Medical Hospital, Ballah Scott who reportedly got missing from his sick bed about a year ago but was later discovered dead behind the generator room of the hospital compound while a cleaning up activity was taking place.

The late Scott worked at the J.F.K. as an Assistant Personnel Director and served the institution for about 21 years but was admitted at the medical center shortly after he took ill.

According to the information, Mariama had suffered from mental disorder and so her brother decided to take her to the hospital for treatment.

After three months of treatment, she became little bit conscious but could not remember her house. Mariama remembered living on the Old Road and not the particular house so management decided to use her admission sheet to call numbers that were indicated there on the day she was admitted.

Our source said when the telephone call was made by management, her parents refused to answer the call for fear that they do not have money to settle their financial bill at the hospital.

“The parent do not want to ask for their daughter because they are obligated to JFK in the tune of LD$ 20,000, something I believe they cannot afford, so they left her and decided not to come back,” our source said.

As a result of this, JFK management got reluctant about the attitude of the girl’s parents and decided to take her to an orphanage place on Ashmun Street. The caretaker at the orphanage center, one Mr. Scott first refused to accept the girl on grounds that the place is for only old folks.

But he later took her in with an agreement that after two weeks, JFK would go back for her. But the question is why Mariama was not taken to the E.S. Grant Mental center located in the JFK compound or turned over to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

After the two weeks had expired, JFK did not go for Mariama Seasay as was agreed upon so the caretaker at the Old Folk’s Home put her in a vehicle and drove in the compound of JFK. This was the last time Mariama was seen and there has been no notice placed up or announcement on radios that this child is missing.

When contacted the management through the Communications Department of the hospital said the issue surrounding Mariama Seasay is no more in the circumference of the hospital.

Management said that the hospital policy states that when a patient is discharged, he or she is no more in the care of the hospital.

JFK indicated that Mariama was admitted at the Center on June 7, 2013 and was discharged on June 12, 2013 but all effort to contact her parents to come for her did not work because Michael Seasay, the brother that brought her in according to admission record refused to answer endless calls to his phone.

JFK maintained that Mariama’s hospital bill was 100 percent waived through the Social Service Department of the Center but the parents did not just want to go and get her.

“Mariama was abandoned by her parents at the hospital for over 4 months. Several calls including radio announcements and press releases as well as television announcements were instituted to know the whereabouts of the parents but to no avail, ”JFK authorities intimated.

JFK said, following consultation with the patient, she was turned over to the Old Folks Refuge Home on Ashum Street, on November 28, 2013; she was however received by the Director of the Center Mr. Scott adding that the ceremony was witnessed by television journalists.

“When all efforts to locate Mariama’s parents did not materialize including endless calls to her brother Michael Seasay, she was turned over to the home for safe keeping until her parents were found. JFK is just a hospital and not a charitable home; the main purpose of any medical institution is to save life; this, we’ve been doing and will continue to do but for this case involving Mariama, we went  beyond by getting in streets to locate her parents, spending lots of money on transportation and communication as well as community outreach in order to locate her parents,” JFK noted.

Management concluded by saying that as far as they are concerned Mariama is still in the care of Mr. Scott.