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Meat Traders, Hunters Ignore Ebola Warning

By Lewis Verdier
Wildlife hunters and traders remain defiant in rural Liberia to the Ministry of Health’s restrictions on the sales and purchase of bush meats for local consumption.
Authority of the Pleebo General Market has warned and frowned at people who continue to trade bush meat saying it poses serious outbreak of Ebola in the area.
“People continue to make hundreds of dollars in bush meat trade and do not care about their health,” Laurence Khan, president of the Pleebo Market Association lamented.
He said the hunting and trading of bush meat is alarming in the Southeastern region especially in Pleebo, a commercial and densely populated town in Maryland County where people trade meat bought from nearby counties like Grand Kru and River Gee.
Mr. Khan said 35% of the business people in Pleebo are meat traders and is calling on the MoH and FDA to sensitize the hunters and traders as well as the consumers.



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