Veep Boakai Challenges Inducted LFA Officials

Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai, has challenged the newly inducted officials of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) to help revitalize football in the country.

Speaking over the weekend at ceremony marking the induction of the elected officials of the LFA, Veep Boakai said, “I see tremendous opportunity in what football could achieve in every area of our development in this country. Do you realize how many people go to bed pleased because of a single goal? Let me challenge this corps of officers to help revitalize football in our country, Liberia.”

He further said, “Each of you is a witness to the strong hold of football on our people. Beyond that, there is a global interest in the game, particularly by the way we are consumed with televised European matches. But as much as we marvel at it, we cannot afford to freeze our aspiration for raising the standard of our game and elevate our youths’ talents.”

The Liberian Vice President noted, “We owe our young people much, much more than just an interesting and fascinating game of football on television. We owe them an opportunity to take their game from the “Freetown-ball pitch” behind the house, to an environment of systematic tutelage under experienced minds. The dribbling wizardry of Ronaidhino, Christiano Ronaldo and the breath-taking foot-work of Messi should not be a perpetual dream of our footballers. It can be a reality. These things can be taught; Liberian youths are capable.”

He said leaders in the country need to give the young people hope at home, so as to redirect their love and attention to the home grown talents adding, “And so there you have the challenge. You did successfully take the elections and run with it. You now have to grab the challenge and bolt away with it.”

Among other things, Veep Boakai said, “As for us in Government, we carry the clear awareness that we are in this boat together with you. The role of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in your activities should serve as testimony to that reality. We stand firmly with you in the task of designing those innovative ways by which the required funding can be sourced for ‘Plan’ implementation. Needless to say, we are all in this together. Our young people deserve this, our nation’s pride craves this, and your challenge calls for this. Let us together do it.”

He then urged the new leadership to remain focused, to be filled with love for country and humanity, and to always uphold the ideals that undergirded the birth of this noble Organization, nearly four scores ago.

Those inducted were Mr. Musa Bility, President; Musa Shannon, First Vice President; and Cassell Kuoh, Second Vice President. Also inducted were members of the Executive Council.  They are D. Sheba Brown, Ciata A. Bishop, Rochell Woodson, Wallace Weiah, Dee-Maxwell Kemeyah, Sr., Ansu V. S. Dulleh, Samuel Karn, John Allan Klayee, S. Matthew Smith, Uriah Gayblo and Cllr. Theophilus Gould.