Challenging The New LFA Officials

OVER THE WEEKEND, Liberia’s Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai, challenged the newly inducted officials of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) to help revitalize football in the country.

AT THE CEREMONY, Veep Boakai informed the officials to see tremendous opportunity in what football could achieve in every area of development in this country. He went on, “Do you realize how many people go to bed pleased because of a single goal? Let me challenge this corps of officers to help revitalize football in our country, Liberia.”

THE VICE PRESIDENT told the officials that each of them is a witness to the stronghold of football on the Liberian people. He added that beyond that, there is a global interest in the game, particularly by the way “we are consumed with televised European matches. But as much as we marvel at it, we cannot afford to freeze our aspiration for raising the standard of our game and elevate our youths’ talents.”

WE ARE JOINING the Vice President in challenging the LFA officials to revitalize the game of football for the benefit of our young people and the country in general. Just as the VP said, we owe our youths an opportunity to take their game from the “Freetown-ball pitch” behind the house, to an environment of systematic tutelage under experienced minds.

THE EUROPEAN GAMES and others can become reality in our own country if we prioritize football in the country. That is why we are appealing and challenging Mr. Bility and his team to work hard in revitalizing the game. Promoting football will definitely give our young people hope to improve their God-given talents.

IN RECENT TIMES, what we noticed is the decline of football in the country; our football is mediocre, the current FIFA and CAF rankings of our national team are very disappointing; we have lost grounds in African and world football. For over a decade our game has been on a downward spiral.

WE CERTAINLY KNOW that this is not a beautiful picture to paint of the status of our game of football in the country. This must change, this time around and that our football leaders must now put their feet on the ground and do something positive for the uplifting of football.

THIS IS OUR appeal; let the Musa Bility second administration make a difference this time around by improving the football and if this is not done then we are afraid that the LFA new leadership will undoubtedly be a real fiasco.