Catholic Bishop Warns Against Same Sex Marriage

Catholic Archbishop of Monrovia His Grace Lewis J. Zeigler has warned Liberians against same sex marriage, if the country is to avoid the calamities that have confronted it in the recent past.      According to the Liberia News Agency(LINA), Bishop Zeigler made the statement Friday when he served as keynote speaker at programs marking the observance of National Fast and Prayer Day under the auspices of the Liberia Council of Churches held at the First Providence Baptist Church in Monrovia.

The Catholic Prelate also said the practice by some Liberians to insult their leaders on local radios, show lack of respect for one another, rampant corruption at all levels of society as well as having hatred for each other, are some of the causes of the problems the country and its people encountered over the years.

Bishop Zeigler said God wants Liberians to stop the greed, self-centeredness, selfishness, hatred and corruption, adding, “This has eaten the fabric of our society for too long and as should be stopped.”

Bishop Zeigler said the conscience of the nation seems to be dead due to the lack of love on the part of those in authority who, according to him, want everything for themselves, stressing that “God wants you to let go of your greed and selfishness so that the country’s conscience can be reawakened.”

He called on Liberians not to go back to business as usual after the one week fast and prayer because doing so will mean that their entire effort was for nothing, adding, “Fasting is the medicine that cures every sickness, including the deadly disease Ebola”.

According to Archbishop Zeigler, God is requesting Liberians to fast not only during the National Fast and Prayer period but for the rest of our lives because it is through constant fasting and praying that the country has reached where it is today.

He said Liberians should always examine their lives by reflecting and taking a closer look at why there are breakdowns in the society, saying, “This will help us understand as to why we’ve come under so many different attacks.”

National Fast and Prayer was passed into law by an Act of the Legislature in 1883, declaring the second Friday in April each year as a national holiday.