WHO, Others Give Items To Prevent Ebola

By Janjay F. Campbell

The World Health Organization (WHO) Representative to Liberia, Nester Ndayimirije, last week Friday, presented to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare assorted items to protect health workers who are caring for patients who are affected by the Ebola Virus.

Speaking to reporters at the ceremony held at the Ministry of Health, Mr. Ndayimirije said the assorted items will be taken to medical facilities in Lofa, Bong and Margibi Counties. He said this is a national health security issue and that everyone should beware and take precaution because the Ebola virus is dangerous.

Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly, said no one should play cheap politics with the Ebola virus outbreak. He mentioned that the situation is very serious and Liberians should take it very seriously and stop listening to politicians who have no idea what is occurring.

He praised the Ministry of Health for doing a great job so far and encouraged Dr. Gwenigale and his staff to do more and stressed that the media should keep the public informed of what is unfolding relative to the Ebola virus.

Minister Dukuly said President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is very concerned about her people’s welfare and that she is doing everything possible to make sure that Liberians are safe. He said President Sirleaf has been briefed on the situation concerning the Ebola virus and what measure is being put into place to prevent it.

Health and Social Welfare boss, Walter Gwenigale, thanked WHO and its partners for the assorted items and said they will be used for the intended purpose. According to him, there is another plane expected to land at the Roberts International Airport with more personal protective equipment for health workers.

Meanwhile, Minister Gwenigale is calling on Liberians to take precaution. He said he and his staff are trying to locate the motorcyclist who helped to take the lady who was affected with the Ebola virus to the hospital.  He stressed that the lady is dead but the motorcyclist is affected and that he might spread the virus.

The Personal Protective Equipment and other Containment Equipment were donated by WHO; Global Alert and Response and UNHCR. The assorted items include coverall, utility gloves, body bags, powdered latex gloves, surgical gowns, safety goggles, face masks, amongst others.