Protest In Kru Town Over Ebola Virus..But Gov’t Justifies Plan

By Jefferson D.Tweh

Young people of the Borough of New Kru Town, over the weekend protested against the construction of Ebola Center in the vicinity of the Redemption Hospital in their community.

The Chairman of Mass Action Against the construction of an Ebola center in New Kru Town, Mr. Jasper  N. White, says the act of Government of Liberia (GOL) to build an Ebola center in New Kru  Town will undoubtedly create a serious embarrassment to the  inhabitants and that the virus will also pose an acute health hazard in the entire community.

Mr. White said Ebola centers are normally built in isolated areas so as to prevent the spread of the deadly virus which is incurable. Mr. White added that death is the only result that awaits Ebola victims therefore medical authorities must do everything possible to ensure the safety of Ebola-free citizens.

“Authorities of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare told us that they want to construct Ebola center here and the decision taken by the Health Ministry is not in the interest of our people, instead it’s a clever machination designed to cajole the people of the Borough of New Kru Town,” White stated.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Bernice Dahn, said,        “The Government of Liberia is constructing a center to create isolation units and help Redemption Hospital so that cases that are ‘Ebola related’ could easily be handled. There should be a convenient flow of patients to be scanned and treated because it is not everybody who has fever, diarrhea or vomits persistently is an Ebola patient”.

“Right now health workers are afraid of every fever or vomiting patients, and based on that we want to construct structures in a way that every hospital will have a place where doctors or nurses will scan and treat patients,” Dr. Dahn explained.

Dr. Dahn intimated further that the Ebola centers will also be used for diarrhea cases and that the Ministry of Health has asked every hospital to identify isolated areas to help build centers, not only in the case of the Redemption Hospital.

According to Dr. Dahn, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare does not intend to cause any harm to its citizenry and that information spread by some individuals that the Health Ministry wants to build an Ebola center in New Kru Town is not true but misleading. She said that the Health Ministry is aimed at providing good healthcare to the people of New Kru Town and its environs.

Dr. Dahn then lauded the young people of the Borough of New Kru Town for the great concern raised and promised to work relentlessly with them.