Cellcom Launches Liberia’s First Self Care Portal Service

The entity rated as Liberia’s number one GSM Company by the National Excellence Award, Cellcom, has once again demonstrated its innovative leadership style by announcing the launch of Liberia’s first Self Care Portal for GSM subscribers, specifically for data. The Self Care Portal is available to Cellcom subscribers today and allows customers to perform a wide range of functions intended to put urgently needed information at their fingertips.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John Vasikaran, hailed the new product as “one of its kind” in Liberia and said that the Company had invested much time and resources to create the portal, which is intended to give customers real control over their account information.  He said: “we noticed that there are many customers who want an easy option to manage their accounts, load credits, buy packages and perform other basic tasks without needing to come to a Cellcom store or call customer service.  This application is designed to put this control in the hands of our subscribers in a convenient and user-friendly medium.”