Save The Children Reconstructs Tuckerta Community Clinic

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

More healthy babies are being delivered and no maternal mortality has been reported yet at the new Tuckerta Health Facility catering for over 6, 000 residents in upper Margibi County.

The old Tuckerta Community Clinic was recently broken down due to the road extension of the major highway leading through to Bong County which left the residents bewildered and frustrated as to where they would be taken during serious illnesses but through the intervention of Save The Children, the residents now have sigh of relief that their basic health needs will continue to be met while they remain in that community.

The new Tuckerta Clinic provides similar health care as was provided in the old facility but with space and much ventilation, it now caters to about 50 pregnant women per day. The clinic operates from a building capacity of 11 bed rooms and lightening system.

During a tour of the new heath facility recently, the Certified Midwife, Karlegar L. Sehwah said, “With awareness, the Trained Traditional Midwives are assisting in ensuring that pregnant women are taken to the health facility for treatment during and at the time for their delivery.”

Madam Sehwah said the new facility is a gift from God to the residents of that community, in that the old facility had several challenges that hindered the residents from receiving the treatment they deserved among which she disclosed how pregnant women chose to stay at home to deliver their babies due to the size of the clinic.

She said some other challenges at the old clinic were due to the size and they had to use the same room to carry out screening, delivery and short stay therefore the patients had no privacy which is cardinal to providing health service. She explained how Save the Children being the sponsor of the health center, saw the need to erect a new clinic since the old one was in the way of the road construction.

Madam Sehwah said based upon a request, the community provided the land and Save the Children constructed the clinic which has a staff of six. The clinic has been opened for about two weeks now and was initially being supplied drugs by Save the Children, a role which has been turned over to the government of Liberia to perform.

Also in an interview with this paper, the Officer-in-Charge, Thomas Duncan, said the old clinic was private homes provided by the community as health facility but praised the new center noting that this belongs to the community and has a wonderful ventilation for health services.

Mr. Duncan said, “Major cases at the Tuckerta Clinic can be named as malaria and diarrhea and if his staff tries and the complications develop above their limits, the patient is then transferred to the C. H. Rennie Hospital in Kakata City few minutes’ drive from Tuckerta.”

He said even though there are difficulties yet in getting patients there due to the one-ambulance system, but they have been succeeding adding that mentally ill patients are referred because there is no specialized nurse/doctor to deal with such case yet at the center.

The OIC then expressed gratitude to the Save the Children family as the staff craves that the organization keeps the clinic in its action plan even though as he puts it “they are to leave the county soon.” Meanwhile, the community members were seen rejoicing and expressing thanks to Save the Children for the undertaking.