‘Kamo Soko’ Suffers From Heart Problem…Sends Out SOS

A famous Liberian Actor, Mr. Zumana Fofana, alias Kamo Soko, has sent out an SOS to the general public and the Government of Liberia to assist him seek medical treatment in or out of the country.     In an exclusive interview when he walked into the offices of The INQUIRER yesterday, Mr. Fofana said the situation started about three years ago and has visited several hospitals and clinics without any solution to the heart problem.

“I went to the Chinese Hospital and even the JFK Hospital but the doctors only gave me tablets and did not saying anything to me as a means of solving my problem,” Kamo Soko who acted in the Liberia’s famous movie, Mala Wala, Bala Wala in the late 1980s and early 90s sorrowfully told The INQUIRER.

He said doctors at the JFK only told him to avoid eating oily food and eat fruits and soft rice as a means of curtailing the situation. “At the Chinese Hospital I was only given tea but my condition has not yet improved, ” Kamo Soko said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fofana is appealing to individuals of goodwill and officials of the Liberian Government to assist him seek medical treatment in the country or in other countries. He specifically called on Rep. Edwin Snowe, Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor, the United States Ambassador, Chinese Ambassador, the European Union, GSM Companies in the country and others to come to his immediate aid to save his life.

According to Mr. Fofana, any assistance must be channeled through him on Cell#0777277146 or 0777607899. Fofana said he can also be contacted through the Managing Editor of The INQUIRER on Cell#0886516533.