Friends Of Stanley Kparkillln Holds First Fund-raising Rally

Friends of Stanley Sumo Kparkillen (FOSK) has announced the holding of the first fundraising rally scheduled to be hosted on April 5, 2014 in the auditorium of the Billie Call Christian Institute in Wood Camp, Paynesville beginning at 2:00 PM prompt.

FOSK is a mass Citizen Movement and a conglomerate of people from Lofa County and other parts of Liberia organized to harness efforts, rally support and mobilize Lofa citizens in support of the senatorial candidacy of Stanley Sumo Kparkillen for Lofa County in the pending 2014 Special Senatorial Elections.

As a mass citizen Movement, According to a release, FOSK is a crusade for change prepared to champion the cause for comprehensive and participatory governance of Lofa through a people- centered leadership driven by grassroots approach under the erudite leadership of Mr. Stanley Sumo Kparkiilen.

Considering the profound role Mr. Stanley Kparkillen has played in the growth and development of

Lofa County coupled with his expressed commitment in the wellbeing and the advancement of Lofa

County and its citizens, the release noted that FOSK has resolved to mobilize the people of Lofa County en masse to ensure that Kparkillen is elected as the next senator ofLofa County. At the rally, a renowned Liberian philanthropist, businessman and politician, Benoni Urey will serve as Keynote Speaker & Chief Launcher.

The release noted that the rally is intended to raise fund to jumpstart the process of canvassing for membership across the nukes and corners of Lofa County in preparation for the senatorial campaign. The primary goal of the rally is to initiate a paradigm shift and infuse new dynamism into Liberian politics by drifting away from the old order of politicking that promotes personality cult over institution building.

To this end the release added that FOSK has decided to take full responsibility of this process in support of Mr. Stanley Sumo Kparkillen to the National Legislature. FOSK is confident that Lofa County will arise anew after Mr. Stanley Sumo Kparkillen is elected senator of the county.