Police Lauds Community Watch Forum

The Liberia National Police has lauded the Community Watch Forum for the level of support it continues to receive from the group in its drive to reduce crimes in the country.

The Forum is a group of civilians who assist the police in addressing issues as it unfolds in their respective communities, especially criminal activities and other unbecoming acts.

At a roundtable meeting hosted by the Liberia National Police at its central headquarters over the weekend, LNP Deputy Director for Operations Col. Abraham Kromah recounted the numerous contributions the Forum has rendered to the police in the fight against crime in the Liberian society.

ol. Kromah said the Liberia National Police sees the Community Watch Forum as a significant partner in fighting crimes in the wake of the potential draw down of the UN Mission in Liberia.

“ Your voluntary  spirit that you have  cultivated  over the years by assisting  us (POLICE)  with our work  has made our task easier  and we hope that  this partnership will improve as we  jointly provide security for our country and people,”  the LNP Deputy boss  said.

Col. Kromah who deputized on behalf of the Inspector General of Police Col. Clarence Massaquoi, assured the Community Watch Forum of the police support, and reminded the group of their contributions to the country as citizens of Liberia.

“We must not always depend on our government for everything, the little contribution that you give to your community like what you are doing now will be appreciated by the people,” Col. Kromah stressed.

In the response the Chairman of the Community Watch Forum of Liberia I. Nyenate Kaffey emphasized the important contributions the group continue to make in its effort to see a more secure and peaceful country.

Koaffey maintained that the group will do all within its power in assisting the police will needed intelligence as it perform its statutory duty to the people of Liberia.

He said the group is represented in the 15 political subdivisions of the country and is jointly working with the Liberia National Police to fight crimes.He called on the Liberia National Police to consider supporting the forum as it is face with serious logistical constrains which he said hinder its operations around the country.

He stressed that the Community Watch Forum was gearing up for the upcoming raining season which in his word is mark will high crime rate.