“Participation For Development Safeguards Reversion To Conflict”…PUL President Kamara Averred

The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) President Abdullai Kamara says forging beyond Liberia’s post conflict status requires obligating ourselves to participate in reconstructing and developing the country and advancing safeguard against activities which caused the conflict in the first place.

PUL President Kamara also noted that ensuring the appropriate legal and operating environment that permits free space for impartial governance, opportunities for citizen’s participation and evolution of the society based on the needs and aspirations of the people, is a way of moving further away from conflict and war.

The PUL Boss made the statement on Saturday, March 29, 2014 during the induction of officers of the Professional School of Journalism at the Thomas Fallah Academy in Paynesville.

Those inducted at the ceremony were Teewon Manakpalah – President; Amos Doloson- Vice President and Prince Gibson – Secretary General.

Speaking further, Mr. Kamara said the ongoing Constitution Review process is a useful opportunity towards that objective, but however called on fellow compatriots to take action during this process to reduce exclusions and specters of conspiracy from our national polity.

He called on all Liberians to avoid looking at the constitution through “parochial lenses,” but to stand up to prevent the renewal of any laws that unduly limit people in the exercise of their choices and freedom, noting “limiting freedoms may end up limiting creativity and innovation that could fuel development – and grow wealth,” Mr. Kamara noted.

Meanwhile, the PUL Boss says that various development programs – Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), the Agenda for Transformation; the Central Bank enhanced microcredit programs; the County Development Fund and even the proposed District Impact Funds – have their own flaws, but still include inherent benefits, which can be better understood and adjusted through dialogue.

He further said that “Regardless of the faults of anyone’s ideas, criticism, engagements, etc. – once they do not call for and or drive towards outright violence, war and destruction, they must be allowed the space.

According to him, as offensive as their comments may seem, they should not be discounted at face value or the proponents punished on account of their propositions,” Kamara argued.

He then called on the students to engage their colleagues in driving programs that will make their educational pursuit and leadership experiences meaningful and productive, adding that “maintaining such dialogues in leadership inspires the trust and confidence of others.”

He then pledged the PUL’s commitment to work with the Professional School of Journalism to improve their professionalism, and strengthen their media solidarity, practice and confidence.