Heritage Int’l Ministries Apostolic Visits Liberia

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Apostolic Overseer of Heritage International Ministries, Dr. Marilyn Thornton from the United States of America (USA), says    mission in Liberia is to administer God’s word and prepare leaders for God Kingdom and to conduct leadership summit as well as preparing people to follow God’s stand.

Speaking at a roundtable conference over the weekend in the Borough of New kru Town, Dr. Thornton said with God all things are possible, therefore, Christians should serve God at all times despite the difficulties they are encountering in the spiritual hoop.

According to Dr.Thornton, she sees spirit oppression, poverty and injustice in Liberia and she said the churches are not really together to unite the people and bring some change to God’s people.

“It is saddened in my heart to see the spirit of oppression, poverty and injustice which is not right in God Kingdom and as Christians let us come to together and unite the people,” Dr. Thornton noted.

Dr.Thornton disclosed that she worked in many countries around the world and that for the past 12 years, she worked in East Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and last year she went to Nigeria, West Africa to also spread the good message of God and this year she was invited in Liberia by Pastor Jerry B.Nyangbeh of the New Life Evangelical Ministries.

Dr. Thornton explained that civilization started from Africa because an ancestors who were brought from North America, United States, were slaves and her grandmother was a slave and researched that she conducted revealed that Monrovia was named after the 5th President of United States of America, James Monroe, but she heard that Liberia is the second poorest country in the world.

“We have come to partnership with you to deal with some of the spiritual things such as poverty, oppression, and injustice that trouble the people in the country and also be a blessing to the people of Liberia,” Dr. Thornton averred.

Meanwhile, Dr.Thornton has lauded Pastor Jerry Nyangbeh, Representative Edward S.Forh and Governor Alice Weah for the warmed reception given her in Liberia.

The Senior Pastor of New Life Evangelical Ministries, Jerry Nyangbeh has congratulated Dr.Thornton for her great commitment in the country. Pastor Nyangbeh said the visit of Dr.Thornton has inspired more Christians in the country.