Give More Logistics To The BIN

THE COMMISSIONER OF the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) during a MICAT Press briefing recently outlined some achievements and strives at the BIN with the disclosure that there are plans for the establishment of a training academy in Foya, Lofa County.

BIN COMMISSIONER, CLLR. Lemuel E. A. Reeves said as a means of enabling BIN conducts its training free of hindrances, his administration has embarked on the establishment of the training academy in Foya, Lofa County, to serve as a regional training ground for countries of the Mano River Union(MRU) basin, especially Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and perhaps other African Countries.

CLLR. REEVES SAID Liberia’s development partners especially the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) are supporting the establishment of the training academy in Foya.

THE BIN COMMISSIONER said as a means of uplifting its manpower capacity, 250 out of the 1,000 applicants were sent to the Liberia National Police Training Academy (LNPTA) for training and after four months of Intensive training, 234 graduated and were immediately deployed in the 15 counties.

HE FURTHER NOTED that during the period, the BIN trained 10 out of 29 BIN officers to serve in the leeward counties as deputy county commanders for Naturalization. He also said that applications are being received from interested officers to be trained as Deputy County Commanders for Administration.

CLLR. REEVES, A veteran law enforcement officer, also told journalists that in February 2014, with assistance from the United Nations Police (UNPOL) and the BIN Advisory Team, 20 BIN trainers underwent intensive two weeks Training of Trainers Course(TOT) at the Integrated Mission Training Center (IMTC) at UNMIL’s Headquarters.

HE FURTHER NOTED that during the period under review, four officers returned from the Republic of Ghana after training program at the Ghana Immigration Academy, while three senior officers including two females and a male are undergoing training at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMAP).

CLLR. REEVES ALSO noted that the BIN has put into place strong measures to restraint the illegal crossing of aliens into Liberia. “Officially, there are 176 border towns in Liberia and prior to training and deployment of officers, 36 ports were officially manned by BIN officers. Cllr. Reeves said following the deployment, an additional nine border ports have been added to the 36, thus increasing the number of ports officially being manned by BIN to 45 ports.

HE FURTHER STRESSED that the Border Patrol Unit (BPU) which is the armed unit of BIN has been deployed along the borders with Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Guinea to conduct foot and mobile patrols as a means of curtailing or preventing transnational crimes, such as arms, drugs, and trafficking persons in Liberia for interdiction and illegal entry.

COL. REEVES NOTED that as the Government embarks on the takeover of security in the country in the face of UNMIL’s drawdown, UNMIL and the GOL and other partners have completed and turned over some border ports around Liberia as a conduit of enhancing the BIN’s work along the Liberian Border.

SUCH DEVELOPMENTS AND more coming from the BIN at a time that the United Nations Mission in Liberia(UNMIL) is gradually implementing its drawdown plan, is worth commending, but more need to be done to get the immigration in more robust posture. The requisite authorities should ensure that building up a force in Liberia, the BIN and other security apparatus will not only strengthen security but re-enforce the Nationhood of Liberia which was brought to its lowest ebb as a result of the many years of civil war. In this regard more need to be done in terms of providing not only a trained manpower but the necessary logistics and a motivational working sphere to produce prompt results.

TO ACHIEVE THIS goal as Liberia is now about to take charge of her own security, properly protect her border with an active and agile manpower, as UNMIL is leaving, the BIN and all other security forces must be given the needed resources that will not only motivate those in their employ but make the job enjoyable for its proper execution.

THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia must continue to pump more resources in this area while continuing to lobby with Liberia’s development partners to make Liberia’s defense system as well as the protection of its border a priority that cannot be overlooked.

LET’S BEEF-UP the strength, capacity and logistic at the disposal of the BIN if our territorial limits must be protected, free of any foreign manipulation or aggression.