Liberians Produce Award-Winning Movie…The Story Of The ‘One-Man Army’ Against Armed Robbers

A new Liberian movie, entitled, “JUSTICE DENIED,” has been released on the Liberian market. Many of those who have viewed the movie, with advanced technology, have described it as an “awarding winning show.” The movie with ‘Master Russian’ as its protagonist (lead actor) depicts the story of a society which was faced with a numerous armed robbery activities by ex-service men. Because of the situation, the government of the day decided to pass a law, with strong punishment, such as death for those found culpable.

But according to the story, when the armed robbers heard of that attempt to pass a law against their sinister activities, they kidnapped the family of the speaker of the country’s Legislature. The kidnap was intended to stop the speaker from signing and interestingly; signing it would endanger the lives of his kidnapped family.

According to the movie, because the state security could not curtail the situation, it was agreed upon by the state to hire an expert to deal with the wave of armed robbery. It was then that Master Russian, an ex-serviceman, a trainer and a martial artist was hired, ‘as one-man Army’ to free the speaker’s family and also curtail the ugly situation.

However, Master Russian’s desire to take up this great task also poses danger to his family, as they were also kidnapped by the armed gang.  In his attempt to release the captives from the gang, he was shot, tortured, but of late through his martial arts tactics; he released himself and continued his rescue mission.

Regrettably, in the process of releasing the Speaker’s family and his, his daughter was killed by the armed gang.

A staffer of this paper who watched the movie said the movie is a classic one, with high technology and setting.

“If you watch that movie, you will not believe that it was made here because the actors and actresses were matured, with appropriate costumes,” the staffer said. One of the country’s respected actresses, Evelyn Fairley was one of the leading actresses.

He said the movie is not only for entertainment, but also for self-defense in case of attack by armed men at anytime.