Fula Attempts Suicide

Fula Attempts Suicide

By Antoinette Sendolo

A 21-year old Fulani, Alpha Bah, yesterday attempted committing suicide when he jumped off the Gabriel Tucker Bridge in Monrovia on grounds that his father no longer loves him and being stigmatized by his peers in the community as a rogue.

After his rescue by some passers-by, Alpha said he decided to kill himself because he was accused of stealing a cell phone belonging to his father’s friend and was subsequently taken to a police station for detention.

He added that he is not guilty of the crime he has been accused of by his father and others in his community.

When contacted by this paper, Alpha’s father, Mr. Juda Barda disclosed that his son does not want to do any positive thing to prepare himself for the future but rather spends his time on the streets.

He noted that his son had always threatened to commit suicide and that this is not his first time attempting to end his life. According to Mr. Barda, Alpha once tried to kill himself while he was still in Gambia living with his uncle and based on that he was sent back to Liberia.

He also complained that all efforts made to have Alpha go to school did not hold waters and that since the demise of his wife; Alpha just resorted to a care-free life.

Meanwhile, Alpha who attempted committing suicide has been taken to the police station in Freeport in which vicinity his father works.