Supporting The Action Plan On Human Trafficking

YESTERDAY, THE GOVERNMENT of Liberia through President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf launched a five-year National Action Plan on Anti-Human Trafficking. During the launch, President Sirleaf reaffirmed her government’s continuous commitment in combating the crime of human trafficking which she described as evil and heinous.

THE FIVE-YEAR NATIONAL Action Plan on Human Trafficking was launched yesterday in Monrovia. Launching the Action Plan, President Sirleaf said the Liberian Government is prepared to fight human trafficking throughout the country.

THE LIBERIAN LEADER described human trafficking as evil, wicked and a heinous crime that has no place in the society. Madam Sirleaf therefore called on Liberians to combat human trafficking with serious force to ensure that such crime becomes history in Liberia.

PRES. SIRLEAF THEN expressed government’s commitment in fighting against human trafficking vigorously noting that anyone caught practising such evil act will be prosecuted. Madam Sirleaf said the launch of the five-year National Action Plan clearly demonstrates that government is ready and prepared to combat the crime.

WE ARE IN full support of the five-Year Action Plan launched by the Liberian Government because it will be to some extent address the wave of trafficking throughout the country. As we may be aware, human trafficking comes in many forms with some appearing in the form of giving children better living conditions when they are taken from their parents by purported traffickers. These are some of the things we must fight against if government is to succeed in the fight against human trafficking.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS one of the biggest violations of human rights in the world. Statistics has also shown that, yearly, women, men and children are victims of this crime either in their country of origin or abroad, of which Liberia is of no exception.

THAT IS WHY this cause must be supported in all forms to ensure that the issue of human trafficking becomes history in our dear country. It is known fact that human trafficking, among other Transnational Organized Crimes, has become a major post-conflict national security challenge to our country and that is why we are calling for massive support to combat this heinous crime that has surfaced in the country.

GOVERNMENT MUST PUT into place the requisite legal framework to deal with matters of human trafficking so as to ensure that those involved in such heartless act be prosecuted and if found guilty be made to pay for their sinister deeds.

AGAIN, LET THE National Action Plan on Human Trafficking be supported by all citizens because the government will definitely not succeed in the fight against human trafficking without the involvement of the citizens.