Many Benefit From Cellcom Raffle

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

Several persons have benefited from the Cellcom Raffle Draw that gives an individual the opportunity to experience life out of the country.

Speaking at a press conference held at a local hotel yesterday to announce the winners of the Cellcom Raffle which automatically gives one a trip to New York or Morocco, the Leaders of both winner teams to New York and Morocco, Lassana Sanoe and Varney Bah said it’s like a dream come true seeing themselves being the winners of the Cellcom Raffle to travel to New York and Morocco.

The two winners mentioned that it is still unbelievable that they are part of the team that will go to New York and Morocco.

They further stressed that by winning the Cellcom Raffle Draw they have taken another step in life somewhere.

The two winners noted that it is shocking that they could received calls from Cellcom that they were  winners just from buying the Cellcom US$ 15 phone at a time it is not a easy thing to obtaining a visa to the United Stated of America (USA).

However they expressed joy that with Cellcom, it has become a reality without doubt.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the General Manager of Royal Air Morac Mr. Nobil Daoud said it is an opportunity for the winners of the Cellcom Raffle Draw to see the world and others outside of Liberia.

Mr. Daoud said he was not only giving a speech, but explaining a reality that Royal Air Morac is an African Company and the winners are all African, saying “so we have decided to promote Africans, and it is not only for people in Monrovia but for every Liberian.”

He furthered said that they have been in the country since 2007 with the aim of assisting in the development of the country, and the promotion of its people.

Also making remarks at the occasion Cellcom’s Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Mr. John Vasikaran said the winners that are to travel to both New York and Morocco would have the full support of Cellcom GSM.

CEO Vasikaran added that the support received from the Royal Air Morac to facilitate the trip really excites the Cellcom family.

He then said it is a challenge and an opportunity for every subscriber within the Cellcom Network to be part of the regular Cellcom Raffle Draws.

CEO Vasikaran pointed out that his company 4G expansion in every part of the country is of major concern to the company.

He urged the over one million Liberians and others subscribing with Cellcom GSM to keep supporting the company and its campaign.

Mr. Vasikaran disclosed that the trip to Paris, Jerusalem, and other parts of the world’s visas are in progress.

CEO Vasikaran concluded by appreciating every Liberian and Cellcom subscribers, the Royal Air Morac, the US Embassy and the Moroccan Embassy for their fullest support.