Swollen Eye Child Admitted At Cancer Hospital

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

Little James Flomo previously referred to as Gabriel Flomo suffering from swollen eye has been admitted at the ‘Hope For Women’ Medical Center on the A. B. Tolbert Road in Paynesville while family members are still craving for assistance to seek medical attention out of the country.

A medical report obtained from the John F. Kennedy Medical Center said James, now one year nine months, was first seen on January 22, with the complaint of loss vision in the right eye which is painfully damaged.

On examination, it was observed that the child was diagnosed of ‘eye Rhabdomyosarcoma R/O Retinoblastoma’; a proptosis with distended upper and lower eyelids, disorganized eyeball with necrotic tissues.

Little James was  admitted for few days at the government referral hospital but due to what the medical report termed ‘lack of chemotherapy’ he was discharged on January 27. Since then, the child continues to live with undue pain as his damaged eye keeps protruding since he was discharged.

There were SOS calls made at almost all of the media institutions in the country and due to the publicity made and the gravity of the condition, Charlesetta Nougbode Williams, the Chief Executive Officer of Healthpage Liberia Incorporated intervened immediately to assist the child seek medical examination at the ‘Hope For Women’ Medical Center which is believed to be attending to patients diagnosed of cancer.

Based on the medical report, on Wednesday, March 19, the child was taken back to the JFK to have him seek medical care at the expense of humanitarians but on Thursday what was thought to have been a relief for the ailing child took another trend when the situation became complicated as the child was directed again to the ‘Hope For Women’ Medical Center referred to as the ‘Cancer Hospital’.

Being that the medical center caters to mainly female adults, Dr. Jallah preferred that the child be admitted at the JFK while her medical center provides the patient the necessary treatment but upon return to the JFK, the family was informed that the JFK was unable to have him admitted there due to lack of bed and on grounds that the family had earlier preferred to have the child discharged against the will of the hospital.

The family got frustrated along with those who had gone to assist the child seek medication and they all finally decided to take the child home as they continue the SOS call but on Friday, the story became different as Dr. Jallah offered to open her medical center so that the child could be kept there while he undergoes the treatment and seek for more help to afford him the opportunity to be taken out of the country since the ‘chemotherapy’ is not available in the country now.

The child is presently being observed at the ‘Hope For Women’ Medical Center while he receives some medical care to ease the pains. The mother has since expressed thanks to the ‘Hope For Women’ Medical Center and all those who are making it possible to have her child begin receiving treatment.

Hawa, the mother of little James who had earlier believed that her son had been suffering from an unusual eye disease when he was only ten months old, had already lost hope since his condition could not be diagnosed at almost all the health centers she went to. Meanwhile the mother can be reached on cell number 0886977612.