Cellcom Announces Largest Rariff Discount

The Chief Executive Officer of Cellcom GSM Mr. John Vasikaran has announced the company’s largest discounted bundle for SMS, voice, and 4G data.

Mr. Vasikaran made the announcement this week at the company’s Headquarters on Capital Bypass.

The new bundle, which has been named the *231combines three services for one significantly lowered price.    The *231 bundle gives customers 2,000 free minutes, 3,000 SMS and 1GB of internet data.   The total value of the package is $240 but has been discounted to $10.     Mr. Vasikaran said that the 2,400 percent discount on the price of the package is in furtherance of Cellcom’s commitment to ensure that all Liberians have access to quality and affordable telecommunications.

“We have introduced this special package, which is our largest discounted combination package ever because we want to see more Liberian’s especially students being able to communicate and use the internet for browsing without being worried about not being able to afford it.”

Mr. Vasikaran says the “*231” was created in honor of Liberia’s country code and the star in the Liberian flag.   Mr. Vasikaran noted:  “around the world, each country has a unique telephone code, which identifies that country internationally.

With Liberia’s code being 231, we want to help brand it in a way that truly promotes an already internationally recognized identity for the country.”

He went on to say that the 231 campaign would be promoted through the rest of the year across Liberia.

“Our goal is that the message of 231 is heard through the length and breadth of Liberia through every form of communications mechanism including music, comedy, roadshows debates and other programs that will help foster a sense of national pride in this symbol,” Vasikaran said.

The new program comes weeks after Cellcom announced a major decrease in the prices of its mobile internet devices.

Internet sticks once sold for $19 are now on sale at Cellcom headquarters and at Total Service stations for $9.

The company is also selling mobile internet hotspots (which allow up to ten computers to connect and share internet for $19 instead of the prior price of $25.

To activate the *231 campaign, customers on the Cellcom network simply need load $10 credits to their phone and dial “*231” to activate.   Thousands of subscribers are expected to benefit from this new discounted rate.