‘It Will Surely Hold’-Shannon On-Course For Re-election; After Raising Over US$175,000 For LFA In four Years

'It Will Surely Hold’-Shannon On-Course For Re-election; After Raising Over US$175,000 For LFA In four Years

The 1st Vice President of the Liberia Football Association, Musa Shannon, says while it is true there is plenty of room for improvement, he can boast that the local football house has made significant progress over the past four years. According to the valiant VPA, the number of improvements since their coming to the FA is sufficient to set the pace for re-election.

Musa Shannon: “Everything has been priority for Liberian football. We’re a little bit behind and we need to catch up with the speed of world football. We need to build capacity at all levels of football in Liberia; something we have been doing and will continue to do. It has not been an easy task but we have been able to accomplish few things.”

Shannon admitted, “One of our major challenges was generating revenue and also being able to put whatever we generate into a project. We’ve gotten a lot of support from FIFA and we’re trying to use that to build infrastructure and capacity. We have tried to professionalize an organization that has not been professional for many years. Professional people cost money and we had to find ways to raise money to pay the people with ideas to build sustainable structure to move us into the modern way of football that we are gradually enjoying today. It has not been easy but we have already set the pace and gearing to have a strong national and youth team programs that will as well impact the local clubs.”   The LFA VPA narrated that he has managed to accumulate over US$200,000 for the local football house.    He indicated that it was through his instrumentality that Liberia received US$50,000 from England as part of Alex Nimely’s transfer money. According to him, additional US$60,000 was generated from the Iraq game he arranged, while US$25,000 was netted from another international friendly in Yemen where Liberia lost 2-0. “The records are there, besides there are couple of other fund raising missions we have been on and that we successfully accomplished for the smooth running of football in Liberia.”

Recently, Bility was full of praises of his colleague, the one who has attracted the admiration of international friendlies to Liberia. The LFA boss was delighted to describe the footballer-turned administrator a trusted deputy.  “I want to thank someone that has not only been my friend, but someone that has been a loyal servant.     And we made a promise to come back to our country and contribute to it. And in our various ways, we are contributing to that. In the LFA, Musa has been a true principal deputy. For me, Musa has been my executioner. As my principal deputy, he reflects my action. What I have asked Musa to do is what he has done. And Musa, I just want to tell the Liberian people that I really appreciate your loyalty, friendship and fairness,” Musa Bility openly stated.

“And I want to let you to know that as we await the elections committee to announce candidates, which we don’t know the results, but I know that you are seeking re-election and if there is one person behind you, that person is me. And loyalty has to be paid back and this man has been loyal to me. And I will campaign for him as though I was campaigning for myself,” Bility of Shannon, who has 14 international caps said.