Bishop Klayee Raps On LFA Elections…Warns Against Divisive Politics

One of Liberian football’s finest sons who has served at the helm of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) as a tactician, chairing the technical committee at the Executive Committee level, Bishop J. Allen, has reechoed his commitment to improving football across the country.

Bishop Klayee, being an experienced football administrator with over 30 years of ‘on and off’ the pitch technical ability, said people who have demonstrated their commitment over the years towards the growth and development of Liberian football generally should be appreciated and given the mantle to continue what was started.

The three time County Meet player, starring for Margibi county twice and later Grand Gedeh County, said though there have been some challenges with respect to the technical handling of football administration, they must be credited for maintaining the courage and demonstrating that technical ability that has brought the game of football to a new level.

The former defender of Fouani Football Club is the first ‘high-profile’ clergyman to serve at the Executive Committee level of the Liberia Football Association (LFA); and his passion was drawn from the background that he played the game for several years and that despite his position in the ‘Christian-faith’ football will always be part of his life.

Speaking in Monrovia recently, Bishop Klayee narrated that giving back to the game as it relates to his current status in the society was a driven factor in establishing The Jubilee FC, where he currently serves as Chief Executive Officer / President of the club.

For him, people who do the technical work are not always seen talking to the press, because as he put it, when you have been given the mandate of the people to do a particular piece of work, it must be at the back of your mind that they will one day judge you by the work they asked you to do few years back.

“That has always been my philosophy; work to regain the confidence the people had reposed in you. I played the game for years and when I got born-again as a full fledged Christian up to my journey to be a Bishop of a church, my desire was to always keep around the game as a means of giving back and redirecting the focus of the young athletes who think that playing the game on the pitch is all to life,” the former Young Eagle star added.

Bishop Klayee: “Today I am proud to be a motivational factor to some of our colleagues and players, that in spite of the number of years you spend in the game, there is always a passion to give back regardless of wherever you find yourself in society. I find myself in the church and I am still giving back through Jubilee FC and the Executive Committee (EC) level.”

“Have I worked to be re-elected: I say yes because many persons thought we came to football administration as a stranger; with years spent on the pitch and later being transformed into an administrator for a very large institution, we were sure of what were our challenges as it relates to transforming the pace at which football was run in Liberia. And we did that successfully with the consent of Mr. Musa H. Bility who was the vision-bearer.”

“As the Chair on Technical Committee at the Executive Committee level, I can tell you for sure that we worked closely with the FA’s Technical Director, Henry Brown and others, to carefully propagate the technical responsibility of that body, making sure we achieved all of our agenda’s items. Some of which was the scouting and recommendation for the appointment of national team coaches, handling the technical portion of the local league, giving technical guidance to the leadership and many others that can be testified to by people who have worked with us.”

“Let me commend the President of the FA, Musa H. Bility for instilling that confidence to enable me serve as chairperson of the technical Committee at the level of the Executive Committee (EC). He has been very transparent in his dealings and I must sound this that I personally have explicit confident in him.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Klayee is admonishing stakeholders and electorates in the pending LFA’s Elections to make their judgment based on the work of every individual. The football driven ‘Man-of-God’ maintained that in order to advance in the ongoing progress of Liberian football, people who are passionate to contributing towards the growth of the game should be preferred at all levels. He warned against any ‘dirty politics that has the propensity of creating division in the drive to changing course of the game. The football drive Bishop at the same time encouraged candidates to be very moderate in addressing issues as he says sometimes people can misdirect their comments and drag the institution to public disrepute. Writes D. Webster Cassell