Police Chief Of Operations Terms 72nd Incident As ‘Unfortunate’, But…

By Janjay F. Campbell

The Chief of Police for Operations, Abraham Kromah, says much awareness has been ongoing regarding the use of the main streets by motorcyclists therefore the union should educate them too as to which roads they are entitled to ply.

Speaking on a local talk show yesterday morning, Director Kromah said Liberians are very good at reacting negatively against law enforcement orders but warned that parents who have children riding bikes around should advise them to abide by the law.

He said people should abide by the laws of Liberia because the police will not relent in enforcing the law and if anyone found in violation will be dealt with in accordance with the law under the criminal justice system. Director Kromah stressed that he respects all religions but the laws should be adhered to.

Explaining the situation that occurred last week at 72nd Junction, he described it as rather ‘unfortunate’ because a lady was hurt along with an officer, a situation he regrets but it was not because his vehicle hit the motorbike as it is being rumored.

He said he was honoring an invitation for a program around the Gardnersville area and while enroute, he noticed a motorcyclist on the Gardnersville therefore he decided to chase the bike even though he carried no bodyguard with him at the time.

Director Kromah said the bike rider jumped right in front of his car and started to speed towards Somalia Drive when he noticed that he was being chased, he decided to turn in at 72nd Boulevard noting that he intentionally chased the bike to arrest it and informed the rider not to use the main road but the guy kept on speeding.

According to Director Kromah when the bike rider turned into the 72nd Boulevard he fell along with a female rider who was his passenger because he bent the curve at a very heavy speed adding, “I did not hit the bike with my car. The guy fell on his own and when he got up, he started to run but he was stopped and arrested by a police officer for traffic violation.”

He mentioned that when the motorcyclist was arrested some of his friends who were on the scene started to boo the officer and it was at that moment he parked his car and while making his way to the motorcyclist and the officer, the motorcyclists started throwing stones at them and that was when he called for reinforcement.

The Director of Operations stressed that he was not hit by any of the stones but his vehicle was damaged while the police officer was hurt. He mentioned that it was not the motorcyclists alone that were throwing stones at the police but some others believed to be former AFL soldiers.

He said however, there are still more good people in Liberia than bad ones because even the recording he now has in his possession was provided by someone in that area who witnessed the incident and some who saw what occurred expressed dislike over what was meted out against the police.

At the same time the Director of Operations also provided clarity on what occurred on Broad and Mechlin Streets when some people believed to be Liberian Gospel Musicians blocked the intersections which according to him, would have been impassable in case there was any emergency at the time therefore he told one of the ladies with the microphone that they should leave the streets and if they were making a musical video they should do it somewhere else but instead the lady told him to go to hell.

He further explained that he then introduced himself to the lady and told her that they cannot block the road. The lady then told him that they were launching their album; he told the lady that they will have to go on the football field and launch their album. The lady started singing and dancing around him inciting others to do likewise. When the musicians saw him making the call they began to pack their things and left the main road.