Child With Swollen Eye Needs Help

Child With Swollen Eye Needs Help

By Antoinette Sendolo

Yesterday was a sad mood for INQUIRER staffers and other passers-by when a mother aged 19 walked into the offices of the newspaper to explain her pathetic situation regarding her first son, Gabriel Flomo, whose right eye has become swollen for the past 11 and half months.

According to his mother Hawa Flomo, Little Gabriel started suffering from an unusual eye disease when he was just 1year, 9 months old since he turned 10 months.

In an exclusive interview with this paper, Miss Flomo told our reporter that since the incident occurred, she has taken little Gabriel from one hospital to another for treatment but unfortunately, there had been no positive response regarding the solution to the child’s problem.

In fact, Hawa disclosed that she and her husband, Mitchell Flomo who is currently in Guinea do not have the financial capability to seek advance medical treatment either in the country or abroad.

“I do not sleep at night because my son usually cries when he is in agony. His skin gets hot daily while gasping for breadth because one of his nostrils is shut by the swollen eye. I have come to seek help from the government, the NGOs, Embassies, business people and other philanthropists in the country,” Hawa Flomo appealed. She further indicated that during her visit at the Tapita Hospital, doctors told her that the boy is developing cancer and as such the surgical operation cannot be done in Liberia.

Meanwhile Hawa Flomo can be contacted on cell phone 0777777177 or contact Mr. Philip N. Wesseh 0886516533.