MICAT Former Boss Stresses Sound Leadership

By Victor  C. Hanson, Jr.

Former Information Minister of Liberia, Rev. Dr. Laurence C. Bropleh, wants equitability in leadership, and urged Liberians to focus ahead and take positive strive that will see them become future leaders of Liberia.

Speaking recently at the program held at the E. Jonathan Goodridge Memorial United Methodist Church second Sunday in lent induction and launching of a special project under the auspices of the young adult fellowship Administration of the Holy Eucharist in Bardnersville, Rev. Dr. Bropleh said, a leader must have vision, and be able to lead because there are differences between things that one says and does.

Rev. Dr. Bropleh added that leadership is not about pick and chose neither revenge, and if we (Liberians) do not have that developmental attitude, prayer will be a waste, and attitude must be the same, equal to God but not one considering themselves a God.

He further said that a leadership must have interest in everyone, and no one should be conceited in the way they become leaders, and should not always look up for their own interest. “Somehow in the country these days people who are in leadership seem to be looking for only their interest and that of their family in government,” Dr. Bropleh stated.

Rev. Dr. Bropleh mentioned that there should be equitability in the way they exercise leadership to the benefit of all those who have been in government; he also said that no one is perfect, no one is holy but should at least try to save their country.

He noted that everybody is of quality because the guilt is collectivism and President Sirleaf is not perfect but she’s striving to do her very best.

Rev. Dr. Bropleh stated that where the country has come from, and where it is now, and where it’s up to be, there can be blame shifting on every aspect of leadership that has reached the top of governance structure of the country, and it’s not about the blame, it is about what Liberians can do now, what corrective measure, if Liberians see themselves collectively as responsible party to change the country or are Liberians just saying nothing good has happened in the country, or what can we do about it.