Company Builds Housing Units In Cape Mt.

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Hundreds of residents within the townships of Kinjor and Lajor community in Grand Cape Mount County are expected to be relocated from their mud houses to newly constructed concrete sites nearing completion by Aureus Mining, New Liberty Gold project.

The housing unit which has reached a level of 95% completion comprises 325 apartments, a market hall, a school, Mosque and Church and a football field.

Speaking to reporters recently in Cape Mount, the Executive Director of the Inclusive Community Empowerment Society King Basher Sambola said the construction of the new sites for inhabitants of the two towns is a fulfillment of New Liberty Gold project to the people of Kinjor and Lajor.

As head of the youths, King Sambola lauded the company for supporting the agenda of the town’s people and the youths particularly. He said the presence of the New Liberty Gold project has created job opportunities and improved the lives of the young people in the district.

King Sambola added that the construction of the 325 housing unit under a special project named and styled “Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)” has brought liberation to them and the entire citizenry of the county.

In separate remarks, the Town Chief of Kinjor Lamie She and the Resettlement Action Plan Chair, Mr. Abu Kromah, commended the company for the construction but appealed for a clinic to be constructed so as to minimize the alarming rate of illness in the community.

During a visit in the township, our reporter noticed that a modern school structure has been erected with 283 students already attending regular classes. The teachers are being paid by the company for now.  Most of the young people in nearby villages and towns are also being trained by the company to operate machines and other equipment that are used to build the new sight. The resettlement exercise is a result of the mining activity that is currently taking place near both towns-Kinjor and Lajor.