Commerce Gets Tough With Businesses

Commerce Gets Tough With Businesses

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has gotten tough with businesses operating in Monrovia and its environs with the commencement of its national food inspection. The exercise is intended to assist in providing safe goods and eliminate contaminated goods from the Liberian market, and to also help keep the nation and its people healthy.

In an interview with the Deputy Inspector for Enforcement, Macaetoh Wreh Togbah noted that, they at MOCI will inspect all businesses under the Liberian government’s authority, and ensure that they are safe to be sold out to the public.

Deputy Inspector Togbah added that the exercise will continue for months, and serving in such position as enforcement officers they have to stand for what they are, by implementing what should be implemented.

Deputy Inspector Togbah narrated that it is the beginning of the inspection and that they will not relent in their exercise as long as business managements do not meet up with their tax obligations. “The team will keep monitoring and enforcing their duty to the letter, ”Togbah stressed.

She expressed dissatisfaction, lack of confidence and irresponsibility in some business managements in the Liberian market and also said that those managements caught in selling contaminated or expired goods will be dealt with according to the market law of the country.

Deputy Inspector Togbah pointed out further that the information gathered by some of the team members, mentioned the Monoprix Supermarket in the ongoing dragnet by the Ministry.

Meanwhile, during the tour yesterday MOCI inspected so many businesses; including the Payless Super Store Branch #1, the Shyam Super Store, Eeid Brothers, and Mukesh Shopping Center all situated in the Vai Town Community.

However it was observed that some improvements need to be made at the Mukesh Shopping Center due to poor storage facility.

Inspectors also told the INQUIRER that the MUKESH Shopping Center is selling contaminated goods to the public which prompts an investigation. Some of the contaminated goods include: The Faxe Stout, Shade Apple Cider, Becks beer, Papa 888, La Safiote Sardine, Nicola Sardine, 8PM, and many others.