Boy With Cut Penis Undergoes Surgery

Little Philip Zinnah, Jr, one year and seven months old, who has been suffering from severe pains in his private part as a result of wrongful circumcision is undergoing surgery at the Duside Hospital in Harbel, Margibi County.   According to Madam Charlesetta  Nougbode-Williams, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  HealthPage Liberia , Incorporated, Little Philip Zinnah is undergoing  the first phase of his surgery at the Duside Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Lawrence Sherman and a group of medical practitioners.

Madam Williams said for the surgery to be undertaken, it took the humanitarian gift of Ms. Robtel Neejay Pailey, a Liberian PhD Student in Great Britain and Ms. Korto Williams who acted on Ms. Pailey’s call and got Patrice , Caroline and Estella to give some financial help.

Madam Williams lauded Ms. Pailey, Ms. Williams, Patrice, Caroline and Estalla for their humanistic concern which automatically led to little Zinnah undergoing the surgery.

She further noted that according to Dr. Sherman, little Zinnah will require a second phase of the surgery which will require that he be taken abroad for the final construction of the top or the head of little Zinnah’s penis.

The head of HealthPage Liberia Incorporated said this will require assistance from humanitarian groups if the little boy is to fully recover from the pain he is undergoing.

It can be recalled that little Zinnah’s father said the circumcision of his son was deferred at birth at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital because he was born sick but when his son recovered, someone recommended this employee of the JFK/TB Annex to his family stating that he was good at performing such surgery.

He said following an arrangement with the health employee only identified as Nimely, his son was scheduled at the T. B. Annex compound on January 4, 2014 where the surgery was performed perilously thereby leading to the cutting off of the child’s penis.

Mr. Zinnah explained how he had gone to several, if not all medical centers in the country to seek relief for his child but was advised that it was impossible that something could be done health-wise to restore his son’s penis in Liberia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zinnah has reiterated the family’s call for the intervention of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Walter Gwenigale, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Pro-temp, Gbezohngar Findley and Speaker Alex Tyler and Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor as they do not have the resources to seek justice in the courts.