Van Vicker In Town…Pledges Support to Mental Health Bill

By Antoinette Sendolo    As mental health issue becomes alarming in all parts of the country, the Ghanaian-based famous Liberian actor, Van Vicker, has pledged his support for a mental health bill to be passed in order to protect people living with mental illness in the country.

According to Van Vicker, if said bill is passed, people living with mental illness will have access to quality health care services something he said will help reduce the high rate of mental illness in Liberia.

He noted that mental illness can be treated and that mentally ill people should be taken care of and should not be discriminated. I’m proud to be a Liberian so I am back to support the mental health bill and be a part of the campaign, ”Vicker intimated.

For her part, Liberia’s Culture Ambassador, Julie Endee, added that the proposed bill is intended to protect the rights of mentally ill people across the country noting that the issue of mental illness is everybody’s business.

According to Ambassador Endee, about 40% of Liberia’s population have some level of mental illness something she said needs to be addressed with urgency and she called on everybody to participate in the campaign for the mental health bill.

The campaign according to Amb Endee will run from now to October of this year aimed at providing awareness on mental health issues in order to reduce the level of discrimination and stigmatization of people living with mental illness.