Motorcyclists Attack Deputy Police Director Vehicle

By Charles B. Yates  The alleged rift between motorcyclists and the Liberia National Police appears to be deepening on a daily basis as motorcyclists yesterday launched a fresh attack on the Deputy Police Director for Operation, Abraham Kromah while executing his official police patrol duty in Monrovia.

The gang of motorcyclists inflicted several damages on the vehicle of the Deputy Police Director and wounded one of his men on the head.

According to information, Director Kromah and his personal bodyguards were attacked by a gang of disgruntled motorcyclists at the SKD 72nd Boulevard Junction on Thursday. The deputy police was in hot pursuit of a motorcyclist who was caught in violation of the public ban on motorcyclists, which restricts commercial motorcyclists from using the main streets. Our security affairs correspondent said it was at that point that the gang of disgruntled motorcyclists decided that the police will not arrest their colleague.

One eyewitness said the motorcyclists obstructed the police chief’s arrest and vowed that their man will not be arrested. “Today is today and we are ready to die; no motorbike rider will be arrested by any police officer,” an eyewitness said.

The eyewitness said it was at that juncture that the motorcyclists began throwing stones and missiles at the police chief official’s vehicle resulting to the damaging of the vehicle and the wounding of a police officer onboard the vehicle with plate # RL-102.

Police Director Chris Massaquoi has condemned the latest action carried out by the motorcyclists against his men and has reminded the motorcyclists that no one is above the laws of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police has arrested forty individuals for attacking the vehicle of the Deputy Police Director for Operations, Col. Abraham Kromah while on his usual police routine.

According to the LNP, the attackers who are believed to be motorcyclists attacked Col, Kromah on Thursday March 13, 2014 when he went to supervise his men who were implementing the restriction on motorcyclists’ movement in restricted areas.

The incident which took place in the Paynesville area led to three police officers sustaining serious body injuries and the destruction of the Deputy Police Director’s assigned vehicle.

The three police officers who were on assignment with the Deputy Director when the incident took place are currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Monrovia.

On November 6, 2013, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice named the Somalia Drive, Tubman Boulevard, and from Bong Mines Bridge as areas deemed restricted to the movement of motorcyclists, which the government said contributed to road traffic accidents in Monrovia.