Game Over!…No Space For Adolph At LFA

It is not surprising in the eyes of several football enthusiasts, that the administration of the game will actually be greeted with the introduction of some of Liberia’s finest sports administrators who have been in the corridor of sports administration with the hope of giving back to its followers.

Cassell A. Kuoh, the Chief Executive Officer of FC Fassell, one of Liberia’s leading youth football clubs and one of Africa’s and West Africa’s emerging reputable football company, has been rewarded for his countless contributions toward the development of football by automatically assuming the position of the   Vice President for Operations (VPO), a post that has been completely less-functional given the over-occupied posture incumbent Adolph Lawrence has demonstrated over the years.

An outcome from a recent survey by our sports department shows that incumbent Lawrence played a very care-free role at the level of Vice President for Operation at the local football house, especially after he was elected representative.

Many football enthusiasts believed that Mr. Lawrence’s ambition was to use his popularity in the game to ascend to the House of Representatives and as such, the lawmaker should go-ahead with his function as representative, since in fact he has demonstrated lack of interest in the development and administration of Liberian football.

Some have openly said that the game is now over for Lawrence and that it was about time that he packs his bags and leave the echelon of Liberian football. “One man cannot serve two masters; he will rather hate one and love the other and it is no secret that Mr. Lawrence has failed some of us who have been his admirer. The decision of the Elections Committee is in place and we must commend them for taking such decision; we think it was in the interest of football,” a football enthusiast who begged for anonymity expressed his feelings.

Given that the growth of the local game is at the crossroad, Mr. Kuoh, CEO/President of a local football club that was founded in September 2009 with its corporate football institution blending professionalism with entertainment, corporate marketing and business development solutions company, emerged as favorite for the VPO post given that the two other aspirants were disqualified by the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Elections Committee.

The FA new VPO leads a club, FC Fassell, as the industry of global ambassadors behind the heart, soul and face of youth football and soccer development in Liberia and all it encompasses.

A week ago, the Elections Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) released the final list of candidates ahead of the 19th ordinary congress in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County which is expected to run from March 21-22.

At a well-attended news conference on March 6, Chairman Malcolm W. Joseph announced without fear or favor the disqualification of incumbent Vice President for Operations, Adolph Akwe Lawrence, who was temporarily barred on February 27, due to double nomination from Gardnersville FC.

Additionally, the Elections Committee stated that the Invincible Eleven (IE) former Vice President, Alfred Sayon, who also had the ambition to replace ‘weak-Lawrence’, was also disqualified for the same offence, breaching chapter 25, article 58.2 of the LFA statutes.

The pronouncement by the FA’s Elections Committee suggests that FC Fassell CEO/ President, Cassell Kuoh, remains the only candidate for the second Vice Presidential position.

It means now that Mr. Kuoh will go on a white-ballot, given the ‘all-clear’ mandate and affirmation as the new VPO at the local football house, thus replacing somebody who has shown lack of interest in the growth of football over the years.

On March 21, 2010, Mr. Lawrence was overwhelmingly re-elected and was subsequently inducted on March 27, 2010 for a second term of office.

The post of vice president for Operation was retained by Mr. Lawrence, who for the past years, was labeled as the ‘virus’ in the LFA, owing to his vocal disclosure of alleged financial and administrative malpractices. He’s now left in the cold after he was shocked by the elections committee’s announcement that he is disqualified to further participate in the pending elections. Writes D. Webster Cassell