Diabetes Testing Equipment In Town

A Liberian journalist has introduced diabetes testing equipment known as Perfect 3 for the use of all who might not know their diabetic status.

According to Mr. James Momoh, the Diabetes Testing Equipment which is being supplied by a New York based American Company known as Health Care will soon be on the Liberian Market for just US$30.00.

Journalist Momoh who is visiting the country urged all health centers, private clinics and the general public to take advantage of the Diabetes Testing equipment saying, “It is important that people know their status when it comes to diabetes”.

Mr. Momoh said Health Care in collaboration with his agents in Liberia will soon have the equipment on the market to afford people the opportunity to check their diabetes status.

He urged Liberians to use the equipment as it is widely known internationally and urged the Government of Liberia to join in the process of acquiring the equipment for its public health centers throughout the country.

Mr. Momoh said to better coordinate the sale of the equipment, he had constituted a team headed by Mr. Varney Gbassay.

The equipment, named Perfect 3 is a blood Glucose Monitoring system that has a curable result in six seconds. It has no coding, ultra-Tiny Test sample, strip ejector and alternative site testing.