Lauding The Living Water International Initiative So Far

AN INTERNATIONAL VISITING delegation comprised of seven members of the Living Water International (LWI) visited Liberia the start of this week to assess the level of work done so far at the organization’s local project sites and during their visit they met several persons including their beneficiaries as well the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

WITH A VISION of demonstrating the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, the LWI is also in the business of sharing the ‘living water’ which is the gospel of Jesus Christ satisfying the deepest thirst while it also  provides education through awareness in the communities about sanitation and hygiene.

TO DATE, AS part of its achievements, the LWI can count to its credit over 1000 water points in the country which is in line with its mission in identifying and designing WASH programs across the country and that include the drilling of 60 bore holes that are providing safe drinking water for rural communities and the rehabilitation of 40 water wells in rural Liberia.

THE ORGANIZATION HAS already operated in Liberia for the past 10 years and can safely say it is located in Borzoe Town around Fendell; as well as in Sueta and Gaylayla Towns in Margibi County. The Living Water International CEO renewed his organization’s commitment to increasing its humanitarian services to Liberia in the Water and Sanitation (WASH) sector as the organization is beginning to increase its services to Liberia from just providing safe drinking water to also building latrines for rural communities particularly in Margibi County which is now its operational area.

UPON RECEIVING HER guests, President Sirleaf thanked LWI for all it has done and continues to do in Liberia, describing it as vital to the health and wellbeing of the Liberian people and that despite the challenges in reaching out to the hamlets, ranging from deplorable roads to the lack of electricity, LWI continues to strive to give the people access to safe drinking water.

PRESIDENT SIRLEAF SAID access to drinking water has increased though the country is still faced with issues of sanitation; but with the support of Liberia’s partners, progress is being made to improve the sub-sector.

WE JOIN THE Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as well as the President in lauding the LWI for its initiative of targeting clean and safe drinking water as its medium of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with Liberians and urged them to assist in reaching the hamlets of the country.

SO OFTEN, MUCH has not been heard in this direction, but it is said that ‘seeing is believing’ and we again say thank you to the living water team especially the local staff who is so strategic in their implementation.  We too understand how desperate one becomes when there is no solution to a problem that continues to cause health hazard for the community members.

TO THIS, WE also would like to remind the organization that there is much more to be done if WASH is to be felt across the country because with clean water and filthy environment, much has not been achieved.

WE CALL ON the organization to also target hygiene and sanitation seriously beginning from the urban communities to the rural areas because, when clean water is not managed, it no longer becomes safe for using.

LET US ALL keep in mind that cleanliness is next to godliness and must therefore take good care of that which had been entrusted to us as well as those things that we do deserve but cannot get on our own and has to get them through others.