More Refugees Crossing Over

By Edwin G. Wandah  (From R’Gee County) More than 2000 Ivorian Refugees have now taken refuge in surrounding towns and villages along the Liberian, Ivorian border in River Gee County.

According to several persons in Fish Town River Gee County including some of the County officials, the refugees who are arriving on a daily basis are now settling in Tuobo, Konowroken and Nyaaken along the Liberian border with the Ivory Coast.

Kelvin Quennah who is the County Inspector told this paper that if nothing is done to urgently provide humanitarian supply to the refugees, the refugees, predominantly; women and children stand serious risk of starvation.

For his part, River Gee Superintendent Daniel G. Johnson is calling on donors to urgently respond to the needs of the refugees before things get out of hands.

According to him, his visit to the worst affected areas afforded him the opportunity of having fresh and accurate information on the status of the refugees.

He said as of Tuesday March 4th 2014, a total of 971 cases of Ivorian refugees have arrived so far, but the number has rapidly increased over the days, with at least several surrounding towns and villages receiving refugees on a daily basis.

Superintendent Johnson noted that in Soclodogbaekro, a total of 347 cases of refugees were reported to have arrived in Liberia, with family heads amounting to 71 persons, while women amounted to 192 and males also amounted to 155.

For Nyaaken he said about 67 family heads were reported to have arrived, along with 138 females and 137 males, amounting to 212 persons in total.

Superintendent Johnson further noted that Wortynow has a total of 212 persons seeking refuge; and out of the number, 61 persons are family heads including 99 women and 97 males to equal the number to 212.

According to Nyaaken Statutory Superintendent Harry Quiah, the refugees are gradually increasing in number. According to him, if nothing is done, their Liberian counterparts may run out of food.

He is however calling on Local and International NGO’s to quickly come to the needs of the refugees before things get out of hands.

Our reporter who visited the area vividly saw that the situation with the refugees remains a serious concern.

According to a nine year old girl little Delphine, she and other people escaped to Liberia along with her little sister Susan aged seven months old to seek refuge for fear of being killed.

According to Hie Patrick who is the head of the refugees in Konowroken town explained that the refugees have since started arriving from surrounding towns and villages of Fete, Slokodogba, Suvem, Geemane, Teboto, Geekla, Woziato and Woto along the Ivorian, Liberian border.

According to him, the major problem they are facing is food and healthcare assistance.