Students Discuss Mental Health Issues

By Garmonyou Wilson   The Director of the Mental Health Unit at the MOH, Dr. Meiko Dolo said that the ministry has developed a policy and has a strategic plan for mental illness.

Dr. Dolo said that what’s hindering the fight against mental illness in the country is the lack of research and funding for medication and awareness on the illness in the country.

She said that it is imperative in the treatment of mental illness to conduct research on the type and cause of the illness in patients.

She used the occasion to call for more budgetary support for the ministry in order to help decrease and treat mental illness in the country.

The Mental Health Unit Director stressed that not much data is stored on mental health in the country, something that has to be reversed to effectively combat the illness in communities.

Dr. Dolo said that health workers have been trained throughout the country to handle mental illness cases in wellness centers located in government hospitals and clinics.

Dr. Meiko Dolo stated further that the youth population in the country is more vulnerable in acquiring a mental health problem.

Students from D. Twe Memorial High School in the Borough of New Kru Town rapped on the causes and therapy for people in their community that may be suffering from a mental illness.

The discourse that was sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH) for public awareness, outreach and sensitization for teens as many people are affected by some form of mental illness in many communities throughout the country.

Patrick Wreh a student at the D. Twe High School said that the information he obtained at the discourse may him realize that many mentally ill persons can get treated.

Samantha Nah said that because anyone can get mentally ill at any point in their lives so that makes the disease everybody’s business.

Though little is known about Liberians and mental illness throughout the country post traumatic stress disorder is said to be common among suffers of mental illness in the country as well as mental illness due to substance abuse.