“Pupu” Water Spreading On Monrovia Streets

"Pupu" Water Spreading On Monrovia Streets

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

The intersection of Benson and Gurley Streets in Monrovia is now considered as ‘Hold your Nose and Pass,’ as the entire area is polluted from a burst Liberia Water & Sewer tank.

Residents and passers-by who use the streets to tend to their daily activities complain about the health hazard the pollution is causing in that part of the city. Nowadays those passing on Gurley and Benson Streets usually run whenever they reach that particular point.

What is more embarrassing is that vehicles plying the streets sometimes waste the ‘pupu’ (feces) water on pedestrians while speeding. The burst sewer tank has been leaking feces water for the past three weeks without curtailing the situation by LWSC authority.

Report also says that a LWSC’s sewer tank has burst on Mechlin Street thus posing serious health hazard to residents especially children residing there. Residents of these communities are said to be living with the feces as Monrovia has again gone back to the old days when Madam Mary Broh was not around.

Many of them are calling on the Government to bring back Madam Broh to take care of the city because since she was removed from the MCC, the city has gone back to the dark days when things were just haphazard.